URGENT: Protect Detransitioners from Predatory medicine

Email Governor Hobbs TODAY!

The Arizona legislature passed Senate Bill (S.B.) 1511, a simple bill that guarantees equal care and insurance coverage for these brave individuals who have been taken advantage of by predatory medical professionals.

This important bill protects people who fell prey to the lie pushed by transgender activists and some medical professionals that they needed harmful, life-altering medical procedures to be their true selves.

Send a message telling Governor Hobbs that you want her to protect detransitioners by signing SB 1151..

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Subject: Please Sign HB 1151

Dear Governor Hobbs,

I am writing to ask you to sign Senate Bill 1511. This bill protects detransitioners from being neglected by the medical profession and health insurance companies that facilitated or performed so-called “gender transition” treatments.

All healthcare professionals have a duty to do no harm to their patients, and neglecting detransitioners simply because of politics does significant and permanent harm to those that have been under these medical professional’s duty of care. Senate Bill 1511 protects detransitioners by requiring medical professionals and health insurance providers that facilitate so-called “gender transition” treatments to simply continue to provide an equal level of care to those seeking to detransition.

Please sign Senate Bill 1511 and protect detransitioners from being neglected and deprived of the care they need.


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